Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Why I haven't been around this summer

Okay so you've obviously noticed my lack of posts this summer and I want to give you a little idea of what my summer has been like. I always think we are going to relax during the summer and I'm always WRONG!!

Here's a brief synopsis:
  • I ran an Art Camp for 43 kiddos
  • Tried to fix plumbing at the lake
  • Taught puppets at Vacation Bible School
  • Planned scavenger hunt birthday for Caleb
  • Entertained Emma with full on Girl Time while Caleb was at BoyScout Camp
  • Had Stampin' UP! open house with new catalog
  • Brownie meeting (out door cooking class)
  • Took Emma to church camp
  • Tried to fix plumbing at the lake
  • Brownie meeting (sit upons)
  • Picked Emma up from church camp
  • Celebrated 12th wedding anniversary
  • Took Caleb to church camp
  • Had sleep over with 3 little girls
  • Picked Caleb up from church camp
  • Fixed the plumbing at the lake...kind of
  • Took 11 girls to Girl Scout camp
  • Took 2 chickens to the Marion County Fair
  • Took Emma to another camp
  • Picked Emma up from camp so she could show her chicken
  • Kids got blue ribbons on their chickens
  • Took Emma back to camp

We also had playdates, went to the Children's museum and pool. It's been a great summer!!

In exactly 2 weeks they will go back to school...maybe then I will have a bit more time for Stampin' UP!!

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