Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day

I have people ask me all the time what kind of cards I really send to people. Do I send left overs from classes or do I make special cards for each individual. Well the answer is yes to both.

For most classes I cut enough for 2 or 3 extra cards in case someone brings a friend or comes that didn't rsvp. So after the class or workshop I make the remaining cards, then I put them in my card box. I use these cards for different occasions through out the year. However there are times where I will make a card specifically for a person. This Valentine's Day I made special valentines for my husband and my kids. They also made a special valentine for me and for their friends.Emma (5 years old) made this card for me using Loads of Love, I opened the stamp pads and let her loose with my scraps and she made this beautiful card. (she even got the driver in the truck perfectly)
Emma and Caleb (7 years old) also made their own valentine's for their classmates. They each stamped and colored the goody bags then put a sticker label on the back with to and from. This is one of Emma's. I know because she colored all the eyes pink and Caleb said that made them look sick.
these are the cards I made for Caleb and Emma, I think it's hard to make a boy valentine but the elephant works great!

And of course I made a special one for my husband, I love the brown satin ribbon and could use it on every card, but that would break the bank so I only use it on special cards. I also used two of my favorite stamp sets define your life and baroque motifs.
The three cards I made are 51/2 inch squares. My mom-in-law came across a box of 5 1/2 in square envelope a while back and gave them to me. I only really use them for cards that I'm going to hand deliver because they require extra postage. But I love the look of a square card. I think it's just something different.
So now you've seen some of the things that I've made. . .I'd love to see what you've been making. Take a picture and email it to me. I'll post your project on my blog.

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