Monday, April 21, 2008

Little League Time

I'm the youngest of three and every spring/summer we all played little league. In my memory from Rainy and cold Spring break until hot and humid Fourth of July we were at the ball park every night and every Saturday for either a practice or a game. Every evening we'd rush home from school search through the dryer for a clean uniform (if it wasn't there we'd check the bathroom floor). Dinner was eaten in a rush either before the game or practice or in a rush after so we could get to bed at a reasonable time. I remember the year my mom was in charge of the concession stand, I'm sure that I ate more hot dogs, nachos and frozen pizza for dinner that year than ever before.

These are some of my favorite childhood memories. I will admit that I never like playing ball but I loved being at the ball field. Over the last few years I've wondered if these memories have been exaggerated. Surely we weren't there every night it just felt that way to my 8 year old self so that's how I remember it as an adult.

Well this year I have confirmed that my 8 year old memory is right on! Emma and Caleb are both playing ball this year and every night someone has a practice. This Saturday is the first day of games, and I find myself saying "please don't let their games be at the same time, but don't make them too far apart either". From now until around the 4th of July I will be watching games, sometimes with an umbrella and other times with sunscreen. Family dinners will be quick and easy and occasionally frozen pizza, hot dogs or nachos. And I hope Caleb and Emma remember this season of the year with as much fondness as I do when they are all grown up.

What does this sappy memoir have to do with you, well you can expect fewer samples to be posted. My goal is one post a week, and I'll continue setting that goal, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it if I don't make it.

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