Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Caleb and Emma's Valentines

Since my kids were in preschool we have enjoyed making valentines for their friends and classmates. Sometimes the kids just drew a picture and signed their name, but now all valentines need to include candy :). My kids are so different and it shows even in the valentines that they chose for their class.
Emma is all about presentation! She made 22 Hershey kiss roses. After she saw one I made for a class she begged for that to be her valentine. Then she added a simple ribbon (okay I tied the ribbon) and tag with to and from. There was no note, but a lot of wow factor.

Caleb had not made his valentines until yesterday evening. When we got home from school I had a much anticipated box from Stampin' UP! on my porch and in it was the new milk carton die. Caleb saw it and fell in love. He didn't decorate the milk carton, he just wrote the student names on the outside. I said don't you want to stamp it, maybe use a wheel. Nope the boxes are cool enough. However inside is a Hershey kiss and an individual note to each of his classmates that says something nice about them, my favorite "I like how clean your desk is."

I love doing valentines with my kids, I hope it's one of their fond memories as they grow older :)

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