Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fill the photo box with designer paper

I had a lot of pictures from the Easter Egg hunt at my Mom's so I used a photo template that had lots of already arranged photo boxes.  I filled most with pictures but left a few empty and filled with designer paper.  I didn't use cardstock or designer paper for the background.  I left it white because I thought it would be too busy otherwise.  I then used the boxes with designer paper to add my embellishments.

Oh and you want to know how I made the cool heart with buttons....I used the heart punch and enlarged it to the size I wanted.  Then I put the buttons all around it, once I had it the way I wanted it I deleted the heart punch and was left with the button heart outline. 

Another thing I love about MDS...I would never have done the button heart because it would be too bulky and too expensive...put I can use as many embellishments in MDS as I want without extra cost!!

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