Thursday, November 1, 2007

Get a Jump on your Jingle Class

Okay, this class is really a way to get you thinking about Christmas and a little more organized. We will be making a Christmas Organizer that has 4 pockets. For mine I have one pocket for Caleb and one for Emma. This helps me keep track of receipts, how much I've spent and how many gifts they each have. Like all crazy moms I try to have approx. the same number of gifts to open as well has having spent approx. the same amount of money. This can be a very difficult task, I've been know to open a box and wrap pieces separately.
My organizer also has a place for my list of what to buy and what to make. Because I make so many of our gifts, I sometimes don't realize how many I have left to make if I don't create a separate list for that. You might choose to make your organizer a little different with a spot for recipes, cards to send or what ever works for you and will help you get through the holidays a little easier.

To give you a jump start on gifts for the holidays we are also going to make a very nice gift with matching gift box. This is a silk scarf stamped with our snow fake spot stamp set. We will even make an easy box that matches the scarf. This same box design can be used for any type of small gift--even note cards (which is one of my favorite gifts to give).

DATE: November 6th at 7pm
Cost: $20

I've got supplies for four people but I need RSVP's by Saturday Nov 3rd.

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