Thursday, October 9, 2008

kid's stamping

As most of you know both of my kids love to stamp. I used to have a pile of non stampin up paper and accessories that I let them use but now they know the difference so I've given them total access to my scrap box and I even let them use my accessories. I figure why hoard them when the kids can make great stuff.Their favorite stamp set is Loads of Love with the accesories. Caleb made the Happy Harvest card, Emma made the one with the hearts. Can you believe that they did it all by themselves. I told them I have adults that come to my classes that can't get the people in the truck straight.
Emma has discovered the aqua painter so that's what she wants to use all the time. I've now given her one. The only thing I don't share with them is my markers. They have their own that they use but they aren't stampin up and both have made comments that the colors don't match. I said I know that's why I love Stampin' UP! so much.

I encourage you to stamp with our kids--I love that we spend time together doing something we both like!!

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