Monday, January 25, 2010

baby scrapbook

Okay all of you know that I don't love scrapbooking. I focus more on cards and gifts. The reason is that it seems like it's never ending. I stress with each page about colors, layouts, accessories. Where do you begin? If your child is 3 years old do you try to scrapbook all the pictures from the last 3 years (I'm stressing just thinking about it)?

All that being said there are scrapbooks that I love making! I like a theme scrapbook. One that has a beginning and an end. The same color scheme, stamps and paper are used through out the book. I've done several scrapbooks like this. I made each of the kids a "School Days" Album. I made the entire album when Caleb was in Kindergarten and Emma wasn't in school yet. I love it because every year when they get their school pictures I put the picture in the book it takes me about 5 minutes to do both. To see one of the pages of this album click here.
The scrapbook I'm showing you today is for a baby shower gift for a friend. There is a place for a picture each month of the first year for the baby. We all know how hectic that first year with a baby can be so why do we put the extra pressure on ourselves to scrapbook it also! Anyway, I got the color scheme and design idea from looking at her registry to find out the nursery theme.
Look for more pictures tomorrow.

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