Wednesday, September 12, 2007

School Days Scrapbook

I'm always excited to try new things, especially when stamping is involved. Well I'm trying something new on the business end of stamping. I've partnered with the Indy Parks Department to offer a 6 x 6 "School Days" Scrapbook class. I will be teaching the class October 3rd at 6:30pm at the Broadripple park. This is so exciting for me because it's a chance to meet new people. It also got me to do something I was really dreading, that is figure out a way to scrapbook the kids school years with out getting overwhelmed. For this project I decided to use the KISS method, Keep It Simple Stamper. I used the Primary Colors Simply Scrappin Kit and created a two page spread for each grade K-8. On one page will be for a 3 1/2 x 5 school picture, the other page will contain a journal card for teacher names, activities and friends. There will also be a journal card that simply says notes at the top so that you can choose to write anything you want. The scrapbook will be completed in one night, then as your child finishes each grade you can take time to reflect on the year and journal in this scrapbook. There will be room for expansion if you choose to add in the high school years later. I've included a picture of a sample two page spread, the full album is on display at the Broadripple Park.

If you would like to take this class you can call the Broadripple Park at 327-7099.

What: School Days Scrapbook

When: October 3rd 6:30

Where:Broadripple Park

Cost: $45 (this include all of the supplies including a 6x6 linen scrapbook)

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