Monday, April 12, 2010

Tess with Acrylic blocks

One of the sets I played with at the Craft-a-thon a few weeks ago was Kendra's Tote-ally Tess. Kendra has gone acrylic so by using her stamp set I also got to experience using the acrylic blocks. A couple thoughts on the clear mount stamps after using them once:
  • They really do save a lot of space. I think the box was even thinner than a DVD case.
  • It was really nice to see thru the blocks to know where you were stamping. (I didn't use the stamp-a-majig to put the I love stamps on the bag in the card. I couldn't have done that with wooden blocks).
  • You need to hold the stamp on to the block for about 3 seconds for a good hold.
  • Even at that they came off the block while cleaning them (which isn't really a problem).

Over all I like them. For personal stamping they are great! Especially for sentiments!!

Don't you just love Tess! I think she's adorable!

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