Sunday, March 22, 2009

Samples from a sister Demo

I've talked before about SWAPS. I'm in a swap group that has now grown to 8 (I think). When there are new catalogs or products introduced we will each take something from say the new catalog and make four card with it. Then we send those four cards to everyone in the swap group. This is great for many different reasons, everyone has their own style and what one person might love, I won't buy. Then I see it in use and I fall in love. It's also nice to swap so that I can have lots of samples to show you. I know that at workshops that's one of the things that people love is going thru the samples.

These are some cards I received last week from Christy Fulk. She is a fabulous stamper. I always love to see what she comes up with!

These two cards use the new corduroy buttons. I love them. I haven't gotten to play with them yet (I just ordered them so I'll be playing soon) but because of swapping I'm able to see them up close and personal, and so are my customers.

Thanks for great cards again Christy!!

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