Sunday, August 31, 2008

you don't love every card you make

This is one that I don't love. There are parts of it that I really like. I love the button as the center of the blue and orange flower, and although you can't really tell I curved the petals of the orange flower so they are pointing up. I don't really like the center punched out of the green flower. I thought I would try something different so I punched out the center and then put the flower on with dimensionals so it would create a window effect but it didn't really work. I like the idea of using ribbon knots for leaves, but the don't look quite right with the stem on a red background. Maybe I just put the whole thing on white background then you can see the green stems better.
so next time I make a card I will take the things I like and try it again, but change the parts I don't like.
Now the big questions is what do you do with the cards that you don't like? Do you still send them to people and if so do you send it to the people that you don't care about or do you send it to the people that you really love because you know they won't care what your card looks like?

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