Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Demonstrator Training Day

Oh my goodness is my little mind flooded with ideas!!! This weekend was training day for our stamping group. I have to say this is not put on by Stampin' UP! it's planned and organized by a group of amazing demonstrators, most of which are right here in central Indiana. One of the things I love about our training day is that I can look at these ladies and know that they all have real lives, as well as being a demonstrator, so it helps me realize that I can do as much or as little with my business and still be successful.

One thing I decided when I was there looking as some of the great stuff people made is that I need to do more with home decor. . .check out some of these pictures!

This was part of a valentine place setting. . .it was beautiful!

You can get these little mail boxes at Target for a dollar. . .I want to get one for each of the kids this year.

I actually made this Love frame at the shoebox swap. it's totally not something I would make or come up with but I love it. I have it sitting on top of my TV cabinet and it looks great!!

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