Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Resoulution #1

I'm not great at making one big resolutions so a few years ago I started making a list of goals. I have some personal goals, financial goals and some Stampin' Up! goals. Over the next several days I'm going to share some of my goals or resolutions with you. The first is a continuance from last year. I want to send my family and friends birthday cards. I love my birthday and I love getting cards (my birthday is April 23, feel free to send me a card ). I came up with something that worked most of the time last year. Many of you have seen tins like the one below decorated beautifully. This is my Birthday Card Box.
You'll notice that inside are little dividers with each month listed on them. Then I file envelopes already addressed in the appropriate month (I file to the front but I know some crazy people file to the back so whatever floats your boat). I put the birth date in the upper right hand corner of the envelope so that when I mail it the stamp covers it up.
It takes a little while to address all the envelopes and get the birth dates written down but then all the hard work is done. If you have a surplus of birthday cards go ahead and sign it and put it in the envelope, I wouldn't seal it because you may want to add a note before you send it.
This worked pretty well last year, I have to admit there were two months that I forgot to look at it at all and no one got there cards in those months. Then there were a few cards that made it out of the box and on to my desk, but never saw the mail box. I hope to do better this year.
I've been working on some birthday cards, I'll show you those tomorrow

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